Supporting Hillel

Hillel Day School depends on philanthropic support to fulfill its mission.  Tuition, fees and other income cover the majority of Hillel’s annual budget, but a gap between income and expenses does exist.  Furthermore, the necessary dollars to provide tuition assistance to families who may not otherwise be able to provide a Jewish day school education must be fund raised each year.  Hillel is deeply grateful to all who give generously at every level.  Our donors do make a difference. 
We hope that parents and members of the community will make Hillel a philanthropic priority.  Hillel Day School counts on the support of parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, staff, and other members of our community.  Some examples of how your gift impacts the school are: tuition assistance for qualified families, field trips, classroom materials and equipment, computers, faculty development, and facility maintenance.
There are many ways to support Hillel Day School.  For information on how to contribute to our Annual Fund, support our fundraising events, or to volunteer, please email Amy Schlussel, Director of Advancement, at or call 248-539-1484.

Ways to Give

How to Invest in the Future of Hillel Day School

There are many ways to contribute to Hillel's Annual Fund Campaign or to the Goldman-Hermelin Education Foundation.

Direct Gifts
Cash - gifts of cash include donations by check and credit card. Direct gifts provide immediate tax advantages to the donor and immediate assistance to Hillel. Cash gifts are fully deductible within the limits set forth in the tax code. To make a donation to Hillel, please send your check made payable to "Hillel Day School" to:
  • Advancement Office
  • Hillel Day School
  • 32200 Middlebelt Road
  • Farmington Hills, MI 48334
When paying by check, please indicate how you would like to allocate your check (i.e. Annual Fund, pledge payment)

Securities - Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) can provide additional tax savings. You can deduct the current market value and avoid capital gains and broker's fees by giving the securities directly to Hillel. The value of your gift, for income tax purposes, is the fair market value on the day you transfer control of the securities.

Gifts of securities require special attention. Please contact Amy Schlussel in the Advancement Office at 248-539-1484 prior to initiating any transfer of securities.

Real Estate - Real estate gifts include primary and vacation homes, commercial properties, and developed or underdeveloped property, can benefit you and Hillel. The fair market value, as determined by a qualified real estate appraiser will determine the amount of your income tax deduction.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving and the Goldman-Hermelin Education Foundation
Deferred or Planned Gifts can provide benefits to the donor as well as a meaningful contribution to Hillel Day School. There are several types of gifts that help the donor realize tax and/or financial benefits and enable the donor to help ensure the future financial security of Hillel Day School.

Bequests - The most simple and direct way to make a planned gift to the school is to mention Hillel in your will. Donors may designate a sum of money, a percentage of their estate, life insurance or real estate through a will. Through your will or living trust, you can provide a legacy for those causes that were important parts of your life.

Income-Producing Gifts - These gifts allow donors to make a gift of capital without giving up the income produced by these assets. Life income gifts can help the donor receive income for life, receive income tax benefits, reduce or eliminate estate and inheritance taxes, avoid capital gains tax, and possible increase significantly the income from the assets. Among the income producing gift options are charitable lead trusts, which provide income to Hillel for a specified number of years and then return the principal to the donor's beneficiaries.

Retirement Plans, IRA and Keogh Gifts - A gift of these assets to Hillel can eliminate estate and income taxes, provide substantial life income for a surviving spouse, and ultimately transfer a gift to the school.

Gifts of Property - Donating gifts of closely held stock, personal property, and real estate can reduce capital gains taxes that would be incurred if the donor were to sell it during his/her lifetime.

For more information on planned giving, please email Amy Schlussel at

Hillel Day School is a 501(c) tax exempt organization. Gifts to Hillel Day School are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
The Goldman-Hermelin Education Foundation was established in 1986 to provide for the long term stability of Hillel Day School and to ensure that scholarship assistance and programming excellence would be maintained and sustained. The foundation is comprised of restricted and non-restricted endowment funds which all serve to benefit the school. Donations can be made to any of these funds at any time. For a list of the funds and their purpose, please click here. A restricted fund may be established by a gift of $50,000. A non-restricted fund may be established by a gift of $25,000. For more information on how you can give a gift or establish a fund, please contact Amy Schlussel, Director of Advancement at 248-539-1484 or
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Welcome to Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit, a vibrant community Jewish day school filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, committed to halakhah, and devoted to academic excellence. Our families are diverse in their beliefs, affiliations and observances; we work together to create a welcoming community based upon mutual respect and shared values.
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