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Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition Grant Program

Davidson Foundation Tuition Incentive Program*
The William Davidson Foundation has made a very generous grant to Hillel Day School that will allow the school to implement an exciting new tuition structure. We think we are the first private school in the country -- Jewish or secular -- to implement such a program, making it even more exciting.
Making the cost of a Hillel Day School education both affordable and predictable.
  • Increase enrollment by creating an incentive for families not financially eligible to receive traditional assistance and for those who chose not to apply for assistance.
  • Reward families for enrolling their children in 1st grade (or earlier) and keeping them enrolled through graduation.
  • Reduce the annual cost of tuition proportionally as a child ages and as the costs of raising that child increase.
The program addresses the most frequently cited barriers to enrollment we hear from prospective families: the desire to educate all of their children at Hillel Day School, the high cost of tuition (relative to family income, not to quality of education) and the uncertainty over long-term tuition costs.

This program is intended to supplement -- and not replace -- the school’s traditional financial assistance provided through its Variable Rate Tuition (VRT). Families that require greater subsidies than those provided through this new Tuition Incentive Program in any year of eligibility will apply for traditional financial aid.

*the grant is pending after the 2017-2018 school year
Grant Details:

The school will provide eligible students a $36,000 grant for each 1st grade child, with $1,000 available for credit against 1st grade tuition; $2,000 credit toward 2nd grade tuition; $3,000 credit toward 3rd grade tuition, etc.; culminating in an $8,000 credit toward 8th grade tuition.

For eligible new lateral entry students, the scholarship will provide $1,000 for their first year at Hillel, $2,000 for their second year at Hillel, etc.

For the 2017-18 school year, all current eligible Hillel students will receive a $1,000 grant, increasing by $1,000 for each year of enrollment through 8th grade.


Family 1: 1 child enrolled in 1st grade in 2017-18. Program will provide a $1,000 credit against the full cost of tuition and total benefits of $36,000 through 8th grade. This family will receive $2,000 credit toward 2nd grade tuition; $3,000 credit toward 3rd grade tuition, etc. through an $8,000 credit toward 8th grade tuition.

Family 2: 1 child enrolled in 4th grade in 2017-18 and 1 child enrolled in 6th grade. Program will provide a $1,000 credit per child against the full cost of tuition per child per in 2017-18 and a total credit through graduation of $21,000: $1,000 for 4th grade, $2,000 for 5th grade, $3,000 for 6th grade, $4,000 for 7th grade and $5,000 for 8th grade for the current 4th grade student, plus $1,000 for 6th grade, $2,000 for 7th grade and $3,000 for 8th grade for the current 6th grade student.

All Hillel families are eligible to participate in this program. To receive benefits, a family must submit the school’s opt- in enrollment form (see example) each year. Applications must be received by a specific due date as defined annually in the school’s reenrollment package. Families that receive benefits under VRT are eligible to participate in this program if the eligible benefits provided are greater than their tuition assistance award.


Family 3: 1 child enrolled in 1st grade, applies for and receives an award for a tuition discount of $5,000.00 under the VRT. Benefits available from this program equal $1,000. Family will receive their $5,000 award and will not receive benefits from this program.

When Family 3’s child is in 6th grade, this program would provide eligible benefits of $6,000 for their child. If the financial aid award through the VRT was still $5,000, they would participate in this program and receive the greater amount.

Family 4: 2 children enrolled in 3rd grade and 6th grade and pay full tuition. Family is eligible to apply for and receive a discount of $1,000 per child from this program (with the discount increasing by $1,000 per child in each subsequent year).
Eligibility will be determined by years of enrollment and not by years of participation in this program.


Family 5: 1 child enrolled in 1st grade in 2017-18 is eligible to receive a $1,000 discount off the full cost of tuition but does not apply in writing for the benefit and does not receive the discount. This family will be eligible to apply for a $2,000 discount off the full cost of tuition for their 2nd grade child in 2015-16.

Cost Of Education:

The tuition level set each year very closely approximates the cost of educating a child at Hillel.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Steve Freedman at 248-539-1480 or, Amy Schlussel at 248-539-1494 or or Scott Reed at 248-539-1481 or
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