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    Complete the Inquiry Form.

    Nothing compares to seeing Hillel "in action." To schedule a visit, request information about Hillel, and learn about upcoming admission events, call Amy Schlussel, Director of Advancement, at (248) 539-1484 or email at
    OPEN HOUSE: Most parents find that both attending an open house and visiting the school are key factors in their decision to apply. Please attend our open houses for parents of prospective students, ages 2-through-8th Grade. Our daytime open house is on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. Our family open house, including dinner and activities, is on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, at 5:30 p.m.  
    PRIVATE TOUR:  An individual visit during the school day gives the opportunity to observe our students actively engaged in modern learning and offers the one-on-one attention that only a personal tour can provide.  Please call Amy Schlussel at (248) 539-1484 to schedule your private tour.


    Please submit your application and non-refundable $130 application fee online no later than January 31. To complete the application process, the following must also be submitted:
    EDUCATOR’S REPORT/TEACHER’S RECOMMENDATION: Please submit the appropriate form to your child’s current teacher/school. We must receive the report no later than January 31.
    BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Please mail/email a copy of your child’s birth certificate to Amy Schlussel, Director of Advancement, Hillel Day School, 32200 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334 or to 
    RELEASE FORM: For all students, a release form must be completed by the parents and submitted to the child’s current school where it should be kept on file. This form allows for transcripts (including, but not limited to, copies of report cards, attendance records, and standardized test results) to be forwarded to Hillel. Official transcripts will be sent to us directly from the school. These documents must be returned to Hillel no later than January 31.
    CONVERSION DOCUMENTS: If applicable, copies of conversion and Mikveh documents must be mailed or emailed to the Admission Office.

    Once an application is submitted your child will be scheduled for an interview and:
    STUDENT ASSESSMENT: A brief developmental evaluation for each child entering Kindergarten or First Grade will be scheduled. Since we have seen how strong out ECC is in preparing children for kindergarten, those children matriculating to kindergarten from our ECC will most likely not be tested for kindergarten unless there are specific concerns and a further assessment is needed to determine readiness. We will, of course, advise you if this is the case. Evaluations typically begin in mid-December and continue through February. Additionally, the Director of Advancement and the Principal and/or Dean of Student Learning may visit the applicant’s current preschool or kindergarten classroom for a brief, informal on-site observation.
    VISITING DAY: Incoming Kindergarten and First Grade students must attend a visiting day that is scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2018, for Kindergarten and Tuesday, March 13, 2018, for First Grade.
    TESTING: Applicants entering 2nd-8th Grade must be academically assessed. Additionally, all 2nd-8th Grade applicants must meet with the Director of Advancement, Principal and Dean of Student Learning, as well as “shadow” a current Hillel student while school is in session.

    Admission decision letters will be mailed at the end of March. Contract and enrollment deposits are due back one week after receipt of the letter of acceptance.
    GRADES 6-8: Upon acceptance, the Admission Office will contact applicant to schedule math and Hebrew evaluations conducted by HDS personnel.

    If interested, please refer to the Tuition & Financial Assistance section of our website for detailed information, and complete the online FAST application by January 31.


    For 2nd-8th Grade only – In order for your child to start Hillel in September, your school office must send Hillel a copy of your child’s final June report card, with any standardized test scores (where applicable), and all cumulative records.
Critical Thinking חשיבה ביקורתית
Creativity יצירתיות
CORE JEWISH VALUES ערכים יהודיים עיקריים
Welcome to Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit, a vibrant community Jewish day school filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, committed to halakhah, and devoted to academic excellence. Our families are diverse in their beliefs, affiliations and observances; we work together to create a welcoming community based upon mutual respect and shared values.
Early Childhood Center, Ages 2-5 | Day School, Grades K-8 | 248-851-3220 | 32200 Middlebelt Rd. | Farmington Hills, MI 48334