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Technology and Information Literacy

Students today are using digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in an innovative 21st century world. The library provides Early Childhood through grade 8 student-centered, media rich lessons that emphasize skill building, critical thinking, ethical discussions, media creation, and decision making skills.
As the definition of literacy today includes more than reading and writing, students must have opportunities to comprehend and interact with technology in ways that help them problem solve, complete projects, and creatively extend their abilities.  There are eight major topics covered in cross-curricular units to build skills in an age-appropriate way.  Internet safety, privacy and security, relationships and communication, cyber-bullying, digital footprint and reputation, self-image and identity, and information literacy are all important topics taught through the media program.
In classrooms, students use laptops or iPads to access a variety of programs and platforms. The set of technology benchmarks for each grade builds on the skills learned the prior year. Students in ECC4 through grade 2 have access to iPad carts. Students in grades 3-4 have access to PC-laptop carts. These students also use the computer lab for various projects.

Grades 5-8 participate in our 1:1 laptop program. This program gives each student in grades 5-8 a personal Lenovo PC laptop/tablet. These students use Google Apps for Education and Microsoft OneNote to collaborate online with their peers and teachers.

Each classroom is fully-equipped with SmartBoard technology, and students have access to Type-to-Learn and numerous math fact practice and reading programs at home and at school.

Hillel students use technology to learn … and in the process, they learn about technology. They are digital age learners!

Laptop Program

The 1:1 Laptop Program (one laptop to one student) supports the Hillel Day School course of studies and affords students equitable access to hardware, software and network resources. The laptop is a technology tool for learning and developing communication, collaboration and problem solving skills necessary for participation and leadership in a global community.

Students are given a laptop that provides wireless access to the Internet and school network resources along with software, laptop support and maintenance. The laptop assigned to each student is the property of Hillel Day School and is for the student’s use during the school year. Students in grades 5-8 use the laptop and are expected to bring it to school each day and use it for homework. The laptop is returned before summer vacation for upgrades and maintenance.

Each student is personally responsible for the care and use of the laptop issued to him/her. Technical support is available in the IT Department Monday through Friday.
Critical Thinking חשיבה ביקורתית
Creativity יצירתיות
CORE JEWISH VALUES ערכים יהודיים עיקריים
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