Modern Learning Philosophy

Since our founding in 1958, Hillel Day School has been anchored by Jewish values and guided by our mission to deliver an outstanding general and Jewish education in a warm, innovative, and engaging environment. As vetted research reimagines what success and learning must look like to meet the needs of today’s children, and as the world economy shifts towards automation, our approach to learning has placed us at the forefront nationally in providing a modern education within a cutting-edge facility.

What is Modern Learning?

A modern learning philosophy emphasizes effectiveness over efficiency and teaches children how to learn and integrate disciplines, and to solve problems collaboratively, rather than to sit at desks facing forward, moving from subject to subject in isolation.

A modern learning philosophy measures passion and perseverance, not grades, and does not constrain students by teaching them “to a test,” but rather, encourages individual strengths and the multiple ways in which intelligence can be expressed.

A modern learning philosophy prepares students for the world they will inherit by instilling in them the critical thinking, communication and character skills necessary to navigate, through a Jewish lens, an increasingly complex global economy that is continually being disrupted by advances in technology.

A modern learning philosophy sees both students and teachers as lifelong learners who continue to expand their knowledge and skills. Agile in their thinking, our educators regard themselves as guides and facilitators who support the student-determined learning of children who have a voice and a choice in what they want to pursue and show them how to pursue it with meaning.

A modern learning philosophy adapts as necessary based on evidence to ensure that student-centered learning constantly drives opportunities to strengthen skills while giving students ownership of their learning process.

Our students acquire the essential skills they need to live a purposeful and meaningful Jewish life, and to be prepared for an economy that is ever-changing. We guide students to embrace and realize their commitment to self and community, and to inspire a devotion to Jewish living.

Hillel seamlessly weaves the elements of space, technology, project-based learning, Jewish values and more to inspire our students - their curiosity, creativity, and passions to become lifelong learners and problem solvers, contributing to their communities and beyond.
Critical Thinking חשיבה ביקורתית
Creativity יצירתיות
CORE JEWISH VALUES ערכים יהודיים עיקריים
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