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Grades K-4

K-4 Social Studies

The social studies curriculum is an integrated study to prepare our young children to be responsible Jewish and American citizens. The children will learn about history, geography, civics, government and economics through a variety of hands-on, meaningful experiences as they explore various big ideas. The Hillel core values also focus on teaching students to aspire to the highest values of our Judaic heritage and the principles of American democracy.

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  • Kindergarten

    The students begin learning about themselves and the many communities in which they belong. The children will learn about the disciplines of history, geography, civics, government and economics through a variety of hands-on, meaningful experiences as they explore water, land and air.
  • First Grade

    The students will travel around the world, as they leave first grade with an understanding that the world is made up of seven continents and four major oceans. They will also discover ways in which people, animals, geography, climate, and cultures are alike and different.
  • Second Grade

    Second graders begin discovering ways in which they have a responsibility to self and others. They will leave second grade having learned about their many roles as a Jewish American, the ways others shape who they are and the way they shape others, and how we learn from our past and present to shape our future.
  • Third Grade

    Third graders begin by exploring how schools and education are alike and different around the world. They journey through third grade discovering how everyone has a gift and certain skills, that community matters. People who live, work & play together form a community. People matter-Diverse groups of people make a difference in a community. And lastly, every person or people have a story and that we learn about other cultures through stories.
  • Fourth Grade

    The fourth graders spend the year learning about all sorts of challenges and how people overcome their challenges. They begin by exploring personal challenges, which could include physical, emotional, social or cognitive challenges. They continue learning about the challenge of living freely by studying immigrants. They discover that decision-making can be challenging for people, such as the pioneers. Moving to a new home can be challenging, such as those who first settled in Michigan.
Critical Thinking חשיבה ביקורתית
Creativity יצירתיות
CORE JEWISH VALUES ערכים יהודיים עיקריים
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