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What will your child need to succeed in the world?

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  • Logic and Creativity

    חשיבה ויצירתיות
    The creative mind finds cures for diseases, creates magnificent art and music, invents countless machines that make life easier, solves many complex problems facing society, and bings joy and inspiration into our lives. The essential skill of creativity is, in fact, the first trait attributed to God in the Torah - “In the beginning God created …”
  • Tradition and Innovation

    מסורת וחדשנות
    Hillel teaches lifelong skills and a body of knowledge in Judaic and general studies in an environment that supports academic, social, and spiritual growth. In a day and age where knowledge is easily obtainable via a smartphone, it is essential that our children have skills that will not be replaced by a robot, that enable them to solve complex problems and help them continue to learn over time.
  • Exceptional Academics

    הצטיינות אקדמית
    Reading, writing, and arithmetic remain essential; however, they are no longer enough. Hillel prioritizes creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, curiosity, communication, problem-solving, community, and learning how to learn, as much as we do the basic fundamentals. These increasingly relevant skills ensure our students are well-prepared for high school, college, and beyond and have skills that will not be replaced by robots.
  • Torah and Technology

    תורה וטכנולוגיה
    The modern educational experience at Hillel, combined with a rich, deep, and meaningful Jewish education, grounds children with a strong identity and moral compass. These tools help us to fulfill our mission to “inspire a passion for learning and responsibility to self and community.”
  • Critical Thinking and Collaboration

    חשיבה ביקורתית ושיתוף פעולה
    Children learn best when actively engaged in learning that is authentic, relevant, and resonant. The more they actively drive their learning, the greater the understanding they gain. When Hillel students make connections, problem solve, use critical thinking skills, and collaborate with others, they are building essential skills that will serve them well today and in the future.
  • Love of Work and Play

    עבודה ומשחק
    Students actively engage in learning at Hillel. Physical, cultural, and spiritual spaces inspire a passion for learning, responsibility to self and community, and a devotion to Jewish living. We aspire to ignite the spark in each child, to touch their Jewish soul.
  • Intellectual and Physical Strength

    כוח רוחני וגופני
    Children come first at Hillel and we understand that no two people, or brains, are alike. Our variety of learning approaches, including lessons learned in class and on the field, nurture each child’s emotional growth and encourage risks and failure in order to grow and gain confidence.
  • Hugs and a Firm Handshake

    Character building is embedded in our school's core values and into the fabric of our Jewish tradition. Our students have the moral courage and empathy to take care of each other, set the stage for future success in life, and make a real difference in the world.

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