1-2 Learning Community

Our 1-2 community brims with activity. Here students begin to accelerate brain development by learning in two languages in light-filled spaces where two teachers per class work with students on differentiated instruction, students are mesmerized by Biblical stories, and their creative work is displayed throughout.

In Language Arts, students learn strategies to decode challenging words and read with accuracy. They choose topics that interest them as they explore nonfiction and fiction, and they write “small moment” stories that teach them to use description and even dialogue in their writing. The year includes a poetry slam for first graders as vehicles to share their work with an authentic audience. Second graders continue to hone comprehension skills and publish their own books, complete with a book party at which they receive real-time feedback from peers and parents. Project-based learning begins with a shuk that involves making goods in our MakerSpace and arithmetic, as students set prices and make change, and tzedakah, as they give their proceeds to the charity they have voted on as a class.

In Math, first and second grade students are encouraged to explore and discuss math in hands-on, creative ways. In first grade, students will develop their fact fluency to 10 and learn strategies to solve equations through 20. They will extend their counting and sequencing knowledge by learning about the value of two-digit numbers through place value. In second grade, students will use what they learned in first grade to extend and build upon what they previously learned. Students will learn how to add and subtract multi-digit numbers, represent and decompose numbers to 1,000 through place value, and analyze two and three dimensional shapes. In both grades, students will practice their writing skills to create story problems and to explain their thinking.

In Judaic Studies, students acquire Hebrew reading and writing skills and continue to develop a strong Jewish identity through a range of Shabbat and holiday programming, including our legendary First Grade Siddur Party and Second Grade Torah Celebration.

Torah, tefillah, and Zionism are core elements of the curriculum. Students study stories and personalities from Bereshit (Book of Genesis), master many morning prayers, singing always with great intention and spirit, and they expand their knowledge of Israel.

Meet our 1-2 Team

    • Nancy Cohen, General Studies 1-2 Teacher

    • Jodi Tepper, General Studies 1-2 Teacher

    • Edna Sable, Judaic Studies Learning Specialist

    • Julie Tigay, General Studies 1-2 Teacher

    • Jessica Shindler, General Studies 1-2 Teacher

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