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  • Monday May 12/12 Iyar

    Journal entries from Maya Skolnik, George Victor and Nicole Kahan.
  • Saturday Night May 10/10 Iyar - Sunday May 11/11 Iyar

    Motzei Shabbat – May 10/10 Iyar – Tiberias dance boat

    What a fantastic evening for the kids! After a peaceful Shabbat filled with football, swimming in the Kinneret, relaxing in the sun, and napping in our beds, we met in the courtyard of the hotel and had a beautiful havdalah service. The weather was just perfect, and everyone was in a great mood. After havdalah, we boarded our buses, drove to Tiberias, and explored the long street that ends at the pier. The kids enjoyed having the choice to eat pizza or falafel as they walked around in small groups.

  • Friday May 9/9 Iyar

    We started our day with a beautiful hike in the Banias Nature Reserve, which encompasses the upper Nahal Hermon and a spectacular waterfall. The trails in the reserve pass by bubbling springs, brooks and waterfalls, winding through thick riverbank vegetation, and the trees offer pleasant refuge from the sun – though the ground was muddy from yesterday’s rain.

  • Thursday, May 8/8 Iyar

    This morning it rained, so we had to change our itinerary and stay indoors. Don’t feel too bad for us, though—it was an amazing day!

    Journal entries from Jacob Bean and Micah Krakoff.
  • Wednesday May 7 - Yad Vashem

    By: Noah Goodman

    Today, my classmates and I went to the Israeli Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem. We did not enter the main building to learn about the Holocaust, because its teachings were similar to what we have already learned in class and at other Holocaust museums; I guess Hillel has taught us pretty well. [Editor’s note: This decision was made based on seven straight years of unanimous feedback from Hillel students.] Instead, we explored the vast outside areas of the campus, and visited its interesting memorials.

  • Tuesday May 6/6Iyar – Yom Ha’atzmaut

    This morning, we continued our celebration of Yom Ha-atzma’ut, but in a completely different style than last night’s party on Ben Yehudah.

  • Monday, May 5/5 Iyar

    Journal entries from Adam Liebman and Gabe Schlussel:

  • Friday Night May 2/2 Iyar through Sunday May 4/4 Iyar

    The first few days of our trip were based in the Negev, and after all the hiking, climbing, swimming, and early rising, we were ready for Shabbat! We drove to Jerusalem and checked in to our hotel—and prepared for Friday night davening at the Kotel. Shabbat morning, we split into groups to experience a wide variety of synagogues. The rest of Shabbat was relaxing, and after havdalah, we had some time at Ben Yehudah Street. Sunday took us to the Old City, and on Sunday night, we attended a moving ceremony to begin Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day. Here are our students’ impressions of all these experiences:

  • Friday May 2/2 Iyar

    I’m not sure why people complain about having to wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. When I’ve done so, it’s only been for the best of reasons—to go to the hospital for the birth of our first daughter, or to wake up early (4:30 a.m., to be precise) to see the sun rise over Masada. What could be better?

  • Thursday May 1/1 Iyar – Chodesh Tov

    Journal entries from Arianna Lerner, Joshua Chynoweth and Madi Banooni.

  • Wednesday April 30/Rosh Chodesh Iyar

    Journal entries from Izzy Bradley and Tori Spector.

    Traveling to Israel with forty-eight 8th graders is quite an experience.

  • 2014 Israel Send-Off

    Emotions were high in the Blumenstein Gym on Friday afternoon as the entire school, along with many of the eighth graders’ parents and grandparents, gathered to wish nesiah tovah (safe journeys) to the eighth grade. After years of waiting, the class of 2014 was ready to travel to Israel! Hillel’s very first Israel trip took place when the current eighth graders were in kindergarten—so their excitement and anticipation have been building up since their first year at school.

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