Social Action Projects

Hillel’s mission—to inspire a passion for learning, responsibility to self and community, and devotion to Jewish living—reaches beyond the classroom. Numerous gemilut hasadim (social action) projects give students opportunities to internalize and put into practice our core Jewish values.

For example, our seventh graders participate in a lengthy project with JARC, the preeminent organization in metropolitan Detroit devoted to adults with developmental disabilities. In a series of visits to group homes, places of work, as well as field trips, games and other social opportunities, our students gain sensitivity to the lives of others, learn about themselves, and practice Derekh Eretz, treating every person with honor and respect.
One of Hillel’s longest-standing programs is Dor L’Dor, which brings sixth graders into contact with area senior residents through a series of meetings, culminating in a “back to school” day for the seniors at Hillel. Before meeting their senior friends, students undergo sensitivity training with Jewish Senior Life, spending a day becoming aware of the physical frailties that sometimes accompany aging. The program, which touches upon many of Hillel’s core Jewish values, is a highlight of sixth grade, as students and seniors develop ties that frequently last beyond the school year.
Our fourth graders learn that not all lives unfold in the same manner as they immerse themselves in a disability awareness workshop each year, approximating life with a speech, learning or physical impairment. In this way, the notion that we are all created B'Tzelem Elohim, in the image of G-d, is reinforced. Students develop empathy, and an understanding of how difficult it can be to navigate daily life for an individual with a disability, and how enriching it is to interact with people of all abilities.
As Jews, we believe we are God’s partners in Tikkun Olam, perfecting the world, and take a hands-on approach to projects that make a difference in our communities. Each winter, our seventh graders promote and contribute to the Tapper’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Annual Winter Coat Drive, bringing hundreds of coats and winter gear to community organizations and schools in Detroit and beyond.

Other projects revolve around the Jewish holidays, and include participating in the Yom Kippur food drive for Yad Ezra, Detroit’s only kosher food pantry, a Hanukkah toy drive, matanot l’evyonim (gifts to the poor) and reading the megillah to senior citizens on Purim, and maot hitim (distributing matzot/food to the needy) on Pesah.
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